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our AU-Pair-services for you

Why an au pair placement agency? 

As an agency, we not only place au pairs, we also offer you our years of experience and our intercultural competence. We are at your side when it comes to choosing an au pair, with all the formalities with visa, health insurance or work permit. And we are there for you in case of problems or if you need a replacement for your au pair at short notice. 


If you need an au pair at short notice, we always have au pairs who want to change host families and can start immediately with a new host family. However, it is also very important to us that the host family and the au pair fit together. Contact us and let us advise you. 


The au pair receives our au pair onboarding training from us before starting work to ensure that the au pair needs all the information about their time as an au pair. 


How does the placement of the au pair work? 

If you would like to host an au pair as a host family, we offer you to contact us either by phone or via the contact form and arrange an appointment where we can meet in person. 


Once we know your family and what is important to you as a host family, we can select the ideal au pair for you. We will accompany you through all the formalities with the au pair, from health insurance to the residence permit.  


What are the costs for an au pair stay? 

The host family pays the au pair a monthly pocket money of 280 Euros, a language course allowance of 50 Euros and the au pair health insurance. In addition, board and lodging are free for the au pair. Many families also pay for a monthly ticket for public transport.  


A commission is due for the agency if the placement is successful. The amount of the commission depends on the circumstances of the individual case, for example, on the duration of the au pair's stay.  If, contrary to expectations, the au pair leaves your family prematurely and you have already paid the commission, we will find a solution for you together. Please do not hesitate to contact us.     


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